Spellbinding Charms - Louvre Bridal video shoot


Video shoot for the new collection presented by Louvre Bridal :

The power of love is amazing, it makes everything seem magical and some moments are like a dream come true that you’ll never want to wake up from. But why only dream about it when your love story could become a reality too?

Embodying the look of a princess in her own story, Xin Lin dons on an alluring sheer back ice white ballgown, encrusted with floral leaves at the sides with a simple and elegant button down back. With her opulent hair updo and styling of bridal floral head accessories done by Shirley from Autelier Makeup, a touch of elegance and grace was added. Being back to the place where Xin Lin and Hao Jie met, the law faculty of National University of Singapore (NUS) holds great memories to their very own love story.

Gowns & Suits: The Louvre Bridal (http://www.thelouvrebridal.com/) 
Photography: Chris Chang Photography (http://chrischang.photography/) 
Videography: Chromata Films (http://www.chromatafilms.com/) 
Makeup & Hairdo: Autelier Makeup (http://www.auteliermakeup.com/) 
Props Stylist: Le FairyMeadow (http://www.lefairymeadow.com/) 
Starring: Hao Jie & Xin Lin (https://www.instagram.com/xinlinnn/)

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