A French Riviera Love Affair

We had the chance and privilege to access one of the top places in Monaco to shoot a couple there, at the Meridien **** Hotel, and we could not be more happy about the short film we produced there.
2 Days of intensive shoots , with different scenarios and makeup / hairstyle, a few participant as well to add more life to the clip,

and here it is, a short film of 2 young people flashing on each other at a wedding they are attending to.
Becuse sometimes love is not only happening in front of the guest, it’s also happening between some of your guest as well.

Of course the bride and groom are still the main focus of the day, but we decided to do something different this time while focusing on two of their guest.
Hope you will enjoy this short film as much as we had fun filming and editing it !

Organized by Aurelie from J’ai 2 Amours , with floral decor by Okiss Wedding and Artistic direction by Nona Studio Paris .

Cocktail dress by Serine Kurt and Jewelry provided by Corpace , les achimistes de la joaillerie.
Makeup done by the talented Karine Brossard and of course regarding photography, the talented Emmanuelle Marty and Saya Photography .