Laura & Fabien - Wedding in Zermatt, Switzerland

Ok, first of all, let’s call it a winter wedding, even if it wasn’t supposed to be one .
When you get married end of April in the Switzerland mountain, well, anything can happen.

And, this happened.. heavy snow .. yes, and all the weather forecast were wrong about it .
So what a surprise it was ! And what an opportunity to shoot some incredible footages .

Laura and Fabien were an absolute pleasure to work with, they even become friends as we really had some connections all together.
Their kindness , their joy, the people who were surrounding them, everything was set to have some memorable weekend .
Obviously Liz from White Label Events is no stranger to that, her work and her planning went beyond her duty, and as always she did deliver some fantatic work and made everything run smoothly .
The location (the Cervo) near the Mount Cervin in Zermatt was a fantastic place to stay, the view was astonishing , the wedding decor beautiful and the vendors as good and friendly as it could be .
Dan Petrovic delivered some incredible shots as he always does and they were obviously delighted with their wedding pictures. Looking forward to see you soon in Switzerland again !

So you would have had understand, this was an extraordinary weekend spent at Mont Cervo in Zermatt, and we look forward to go there again !

kevin lopez