Selma & Gernot Fairytale wedding at Villa Ephrussi Rothschild

We don't really know where to start with regarding this incredible luxury wedding.
Selma & Gernot tied the knot in one of the most exclusive venue in south of France, the villa Rotschild Ephrussi (
and we were lucky enough to witness this incredible moment.

It all started in Monaco, at the Hermitage hotel (, where the Bride and Groom where staying during
their trip in France. And from there […]

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kevin lopez
Clemence & Lluc - Elegant Wedding in the Heart of Provence

You see, when you talk about a wedding, it’s not only what happened during that Big Day, it’s also everything around it.
The place, the surroundings, the people, and everything they have done together.
Clemence and Lluc wedding started with an engagement session, in Gordes, and finished in a wheat and lavender field.
Is there a better way to break the ice beetween you , your filmmaker and the photographer ?

The day after, we had the chance to witness a cocktail and welcome […]

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kevin lopez
Mikela & Alan - Jewish sumptuous wedding in Provence

Some days you wake up and you just realize how much lucky you are and by so how grateful you have to be.
Well when we got to know Mikela and Alan and knew we were going to shoot their incredible jewish wedding, we knew that the time to be grateful was here again.

Spending two entire days wuth them and their lovely families have been such a great experience,
and on so many levels. Humanly, visually […]

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Simonetta & Kenneth - wedding at the grand hotel du cap ferrat, french riviera

Sometimes you just feel so lucky to be in some weddings that you wish you could be a guest to share these moments even more with the bride and groom.
Well, Simonetta & Kenneth wedding was one of them.
Their love, their guest, the venue, everything was absolutely fantastic.

The French Riviera is a mixture of summer breeze, classy lifestyle and beautiful view over the sea, just like in a movie. 
That’s the place that has been chosen by Simonetta & Kenneth […]

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