Selma & Gernot

We don't really know where to start with regarding this incredible wedding.
Selma & Gernot tied the knot in one of the most exclusive venue in south of France,
and we were lucky enough to witness this incredible moment.

It all started in Monaco, at the Hermitage hotel, where the Bride and Groom where staying during
their trip in France. And from there, everything got more and more spectacular.
When you get married at Villa Ephrussi, you can't go wrong. And when you add on top of that
amazing animations like having people walking on sticks, wearing Venician mask, musical group
playing electric violin or a trapezist girl coming to you by air, under a big balloon to bring
the bride an authentic Egyptian Sword to cut your mind blowing wedding cake, you just keep getting amazed by everything
you see during this incredible evening .

And if you want to live that day with us and get your mind blown away like we had then it's time
to seat back, relax, and enjoy this fantastic wedding film shot on the French Riviera!

Venue : Villa Ephrussi Rotschild
Photographer : Anjeza Dyrmishi
Wedding Dress : Paolo Sebastian
Flowers : Wayne Riley Flowers
Planners : Riviera Organisation