Chromata Films Weddings
Chromata Films Weddings
Luxury wedding filmmaker, french riviera and worlwide . Cineaste de mariage base en provence et sur la cote d'azur

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About Us

Our Story

We are Kevin & Laura, a young married couple and we have been together for 15 years , which represent almost half of our life already.
We love to work together especially during weddings.
As we have been through it already we know the feelings and the sensation that you will get during your big day .

Image courtesy of Mathilde Magne, Makaron Studio

Image courtesy of Mathilde Magne, Makaron Studio

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Artistic Side

Our VIsion

We truly believe that every couple is unique , meaning that we will be capturing every wedding with a different but well though approach each and every time. Our style of filming is a blend of documentary and fine art. We value quality audio in our wedding films, as we firmly believe that you can only truly relive those precious moments with a perfect blend of audio and visual storytelling.

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the visuals


With our experience in the cinema industry, we developed a true cinematic look, to make you live your big day as if you were watching a movie on the big screen.
We edit wedding highlight films like if they were trailers from hollywood films , using both our breathtaking visuals mixed with the emotions felt during your wedding.
These theatrical highlight will stand the test of time and will blow your guest minds.

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. What is your filming and editing style ?

We film in a documentary style, but with a touch of fine art and fashion way, like for editorials.
We realized that a wedding is not only capturing the moment, it’s about everything else around it, and that all the element that make your day so special can be enhanced by editing them in a very dramatic / heart moving way, giving you the sensation of watching a hollywood movie filled with emotions within a short amount of time.

. What is the pricing to get your services ?

There is no specific grid regarding pricing, we taylor each and every quote based on your needs, to match your wishes and to make sure we can deliver the images you are expecting to get . We value quality over quantity, so we shoot only a dozen wedding per year

. How many of you will be filming the wedding ?

With Laura we like to shoot together , so there will be the two of us for the entire coverage of your wedding. A wedding is something umique to film and these moment won’t repeat themselves, so having two shooters for any occasion is for us absolutely essential.

. Can we get the raw footages from your coverage ?

We generally tend not to send over raw materials, especially as we shoot in a specific flat color space which is difficult to post process when doing the editing, but if you really want them we can send you all the footages and recorded audio at extra cost using an external portable hard drive.


. What will we get from you ?

It depends on the package you want to go with. The minimum coverage for a wedding is 8 to 10h, and you will get 2 edited films, one called ‘wedding highlight or trailer’, one called a ‘wedding feature film’, which is longer .
The highlight film will be a short film showing the essential of your wedding edited in a very artistic and dramatic way / filled with emotions, while the longer film will be a bit more relaxed, with longer speeches and sequences for you to enjoy.

. Would you travel to capture our big day ?

Absolutely yes ! We love to travel, we actually have been living in four different countries on three continent during the past eight years !
Having your videographer to travel to an ‘unknown’ place or just outside the region he lives is the guarantee of getting the most out of your destination.
We are curious by nature, and we will shoot everything we will see, everywhere and all the time.

. When will get our films ?

That is one very good question. We tend to deliver the highlight as soon as possible for our couples, so generally just a few weeks apart from your wedding.
But by doing this we delay a bit more your feature film, to make sure everyone can get their wedding highlight soon enough.
The longer film should generally be with you within 16 weeks after your big day, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending of the workload we have.


Any question ?

Feel free to get in touch with us